What is RSS?

Posted on June 8, 2012 by Geoff

RSS is a way to publish frequently updated content to the Web. RSS makes it easy for originators to make their content quickly and broadly available. Many devices, including tablets, smartphones and PCs can easily access this content.

You probably have several favorite blogs and websites that you like to keep up on. You probably don’t like having your inbox cluttered with lots of newsletters , and it is a chore to visit each blog and website regularly and scan the site just to see if there is something new there.

RSS feeds offer a better way to access the new and changing content you want to see. You subscribe to feeds, somewhat like you would to newsletters.

If you only want to subscribe to a few RSS feeds you can read them directly in all major browsers. There are also simple browser add-ons that make it more convenient to manage RSS subscriptions and read the entries. If you have many RSS feeds, a separate feed reader becomes more practical. Google Reader is the prime example.

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