SHCUG remote support

Welcome to all past, present and future SHCUGers.

Due to the Coronavirus at this time we are unable to provide face-to-face support at Harbison Care. However, we are committed to the cause of providing I.T. support to anyone who needs it, and so we are going to offer this remotely instead every Monday until further notice.

To provide this support we are going to ask you to install a program called Team Viewer on your device(s) . Team Viewer is free software for PC/Mac/Linux and Android and iOS devices. This software allows us to securely see and/or remote access to your device. We can and will only use Team Viewer with you when we are in communication with you whether this is done by phone or by Facebook chat.

Team Viewer can be downloaded from the following website: Once downloaded, you will have to install the program. Just make sure you select “Free” when it asks how it’s being used.

When you are ready please get in contact with us using Facebook Messenger. There will be someone on Facebook messenger every Monday from 10 AM to 4 PM. This is only until we are again allowed to provide our face-to-face services at Harbison Care. Our Facebook page can be found at,

Our volunteer Joseph will be available by appointment only but this is not a free service. Please see his website at for further details.