Archive: September, 2012

Using iTunes

Posted on 5 September 2012, by Geoff

Meeting Presentation: 4 September 2012.
Presenter: Ian Craig.

Topics covered included:
• Downloading and installing iTunes
• How to open an iTunes account, how to find the music you want and listen to a sample before you buy
• Importing music into iTunes from a CD
• Syncing with an iPod
• Other iTunes features, including internet radio, Podcasts, iTunes U.

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Become a Google Search Power User

Posted on 1 September 2012, by Geoff

A while back Google ran an online course titled “Power Searching with Google”. This series of lessons has now been made available for all.

While Google is really easy to use, many people do not use it to its full advantage. Through this course, Google hopes to help you become even faster at finding what you need.

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