Archive: June, 2012

How to recognize a phishing email

Posted on 28 June 2012, by Geoff

Phishing emails are fraudulent email messages designed to trick you into disclosing personal information like usernames and passwords. These messages appear to come from legitimate sources such as banks, internet service or email providers.

Phishing messages can appear at first to be authentic, with convincing images, logos or other content.

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What is RSS?

Posted on 8 June 2012, by Geoff

RSS is a way to publish frequently updated content to the Web. RSS makes it easy for originators to make their content quickly and broadly available. Many devices, including tablets, smartphones and PCs can easily access this content.

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Good Computer Security

Posted on 2 June 2012, by Geoff

Meeting presentation, 7 June 2011.
Good computer security is easier than you think, and needn’t cost you a cent.

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