Mac Group History

Mac G3
The Macintosh Computer Users Group was formed in 2004. Margaret Weatherall started the group for SHCUG members who were using Apple computers and in need of help.

SHCUG provided the group with an eMac G4, and two fruity coloured iMac G3s were donated.

The group met once a month at the SHCUG Education Centre for a short talk on a chosen topic. Later on, weekly “How To” sessions were held.

Around 2007, Richard Speer and Martina Oprey volunteered to co-ordinate the group.

As the weekly “How To” sessions became more popular, it was decided to discontinue the monthly meetings. The focus of the group shifted more toward “self-help”, where knowledge acquired by the group is passed on to new members.

The group now also has two powerful Intel iMacs, but many members prefer to bring along their own MacBook or iPad.