Meeting Presentations

Using iTunes

Posted on 5 September 2012, by Geoff

Meeting Presentation: 4 September 2012.
Presenter: Ian Craig.

Topics covered included:
• Downloading and installing iTunes
• How to open an iTunes account, how to find the music you want and listen to a sample before you buy
• Importing music into iTunes from a CD
• Syncing with an iPod
• Other iTunes features, including internet radio, Podcasts, iTunes U.

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Password Security and Password Management

Posted on 3 July 2012, by Geoff

Meeting Presentation: 3 July 2012.
Presenter: Noel Ferguson.
Good password practice involves using strong passwords and not using the same password for different accounts. But how do you remember all those passwords? Using a Password Manager has several important benefits, however your internet security is most likely to be compromised by a phishing scam where you unwittingly provide your username and password.

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Good Computer Security

Posted on 2 June 2012, by Geoff

Meeting presentation, 7 June 2011.
Good computer security is easier than you think, and needn’t cost you a cent.

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